Ali ibn Abi Talib, the people concerned officials

Was Ali ibn abi Talib, 4th Caliph after the death of the Prophet great man, Ali teachings touched into the recesses of the deepest heart. He received several wills of the Prophet which neatly summarized in sebuh book washiyatul named Mustafa. Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first time a young man who converted to Islam at the time of the Prophet. In some stories his football exploits amaze the readers of history.

In simplicity there is a story of public interest that he is delivering the sermon at the end of the clothes he cut his arm because at the time of purchase caught the end of the long arm. Two pieces of clothes he bought from the market even the best outfit in use by the servants. Subhanallah very commendable budge officials pleased by his slave.

One day Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased to go to the market to buy two pieces of clothes. Arriving at the palace, called his servant Ali, and said: "O the black (slave who served him the nickname), choose between two of the best clothes you think". Finally, the slave to choose between two such clothes, and he took good clothes. Then one for Ali Bin Abi Talib himself.

Once in use it is cheaper sleeve length side, however, Ali did not necessarily convert to dress her slave option. At Friday prayers before and will be delivering the sermon Ali Ali then. Ali immediately jumped to the knife and cut it and the clothes are still clearly visible on the fabric fibers irregular cut it. Some jama'ah say, we see Ali clothes, messy at the end of the arm because after the cut.

HOW Mulya and low heart Ali. He was a Sufi caliphate but selfless slave who should be concerned instead serve to complete the task he had in his house. COULD officials at this time there was a notice jelatah slaves or the people in such a way. It was especially hard we dream become a reality. Could it be? Could it be? Could it be?

Will it work to create prosperity for its people if they themselves have never torn apart by dhsyatnya 'poverty diseases', is not it a habit to speak of poverty in the luxury hotel, talking on the moral themes of the suffering masses, discuss the suffering in the good seats , creating the land of the unemployed, but he's back ... really be insulted if an official is only interested in his stomach.

Acting arrogant be accursed by God. Lowered only human arrogance later in the Day of Resurrection. Abu Hurayrah was a governor of the Bahrain, his arrival was greeted by many people, but he did not necessarily welcome the bright sunlight with it, his heart did not become great just by a little round of applause and praise ...

Masyallah bro ... if there is such type of leader we would choose it immediately and not have to rack my brain around seven contrenganya determine to make giddy. If it is considered not upto-date, would not still be in his improfisasi with this era.

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