Thalaq in Qur'an

Divorce (Talaq) was in practice among pre-Islamic Arab tribes which was quite unfair to the married women .It was very common that either in caprice or in anger the husband sweared by Allah not to approach with his wife, thus deprived her conjugal rights. She was kept tied with her husband indefinitely and was deprived of marrying with another man. The practice followed was that at the expiry of the waiting period she was again addressed and again was deprived of conjugal rights in the same manner. It was repeated again and again and she had to face it a couple of times with no chance of getting rid of her husband. Islam, through Quranic injunctions, forbade it and ordained laws for divorcing wife or separation mooted by the wife from her husband. In the first place Quran disapproved thoughtless oaths and it insisted on proper intentional oaths being carefully observed. Secondly, a time period of 4 months was fixed to make up their minds (husband and wife) and finally decide once for all either to depart or live together.

Divorce of course is a very unpleasant event and quite disturbing for the couple (and the children, if the family has). The wife is more adversely affected than the husband who can re-marry quite easily than his ex-wife.

Because incompatibility is on the increase so do the likes and dislikes and dislikes are becoming diverse, the society being afflicted with that, Christians, Jews and other Non-Muslims gradually started to adopt divorce. Both among Christians and Jews, divorce is possible through judicial procedure and courts require a waiting period, thus providing time for re-thinking and reconciliation and reconsideration. Among the Hindus it also became possible through the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, although the marriage is considered as a spiritual union. Here too the courts hear both the parties, first persuade the couple to reconcile, as done in the case of Krishma Kapoor and her husband late in 2005, otherwise it takes time to divorce legalized. The time required may take years during which reconsideration is possible. Among the societies which borrowed it from Islam there is enough opportunity available for reconsideration and reconciliation, but in the social system which is endowed with the eternal book and its Commandments, Talaq has been made so easy in four out of 5 sects (other than the Imamaia sect) that saying Talaq thrice in one sitting or sending a letter to the wife completes the Talaq which is in contravention of very explicit injunction of the Holy Quran (1).

The Holy Quran has laid down the eternal laws, being eternal; as ought to be believed by every sect of Muslims, either they do not remember it or forget it while practicing rituals. The Holy Quran has also laid down rules very extensively to be followed before the divorce is sought by husband or separation is sought by a wife. If the Holy Quran and the Quranic injunctions are eternal and not needed to be altered, which is the belief of all the sects, the procedure for divorce cannot be altered or amended by any human being, any authority what to say by rulers and kings. As it is the claim of the Holy Quran itself, if we have abrogated any “Aayah”, we have replaced it with another which has not happened in the case of Talaq. As Muslims believe no new Messenger has to come till the Day of Judgment nor any fresh revelation is possible.


Accelerated Death

This theme looks a bit skewed, because death occurs only once, so say it means an early death accelerated death occurring from the actual death. But the author has its own purpose in breaking down the death in question. The opposite of death is life as it is to know the meaning of death we must first know what is meant by life itself.

Life or life is a positive or negative activity, good activity called hayatan tayyibah (good life) while an ugly activity called hayatan sayyiatan. Hence the meaning of life is the activity the person is alive but not physic activity, or activity does not give good impact to other people then, death is called with premature death.

Moreover, if the physic alive but in a disturbing activities and make misery for others then such activity is not called off again, away from any mention of such a match is a rotten carcass. Carcasses have the nature see it devastating for the people, or even do not see but smell the foul odor released by the carcasses.

Hence the saying: Be the Person Who is dead a life do not make your life are like the dead, Because the decay of the living That death is more troublesome reptiles Than the dead animal.


Halal or Haram??

The main of life to halal food. halal food have implication for all the activities themselves will feel calm and bring inner atmosphere of a peaceful space. Halal is not merely in view of the course or property noun (dzat-nya) like pork, meat of dog and other similar unlawful food. But more than that is also sometimes considered unlawful by reason. Like stealing, corruption or other means bad way.

Therefore, in all activity should be considered goodness, not until you get the property with the unlawful way in terms of how to get it. The current era for illicit goods have been increasingly difficult especially for goods that would have permitted more difficult. This should not become a reason for whatever justification the justification that such was not abash. Maybe there is way wrong reasons used to justify?


Time is New

Human life can’t escape from space and time, because space and time are always surrounding existence of man him self. Rotation of the time grind everything on this earth, human age is also including due to the length of rotation time itself. The elderly man into and damaged by time as well as humans to be perfect because the calculation time round. Until the time towards the margins of life that is dying or death.

ولكل أمة أجل فإذا جاء أجلهم لا يستأخرون ساعة ولا يستقدمون.

Every nation has a time limit, so when it came time they can not postpone sesaatpun goods and can not be (too) advance.

The one hand we are grateful with age but on the other hand we are also concerned. Grateful to still have a chance to live and perihatin and worry that this opportunity can not be used for the maximum charitable. Human enthusiasm for life even though no other ill because of the ideals and human desires are not proportional to age. Human ideals 'better' than the existing opportunities.
In the QS. Al-Baqarah: 96 verse else God says:

And indeed you will find them, the most greedy people to life (the world), even (more greedy again) of the idolaters. Each of them wants to be a thousand years old, but longevity is not one to remove him from the punishment. Allah is Aware of what they do.

Every second of this time is updated and will never come back again. In essence there is no one detikpun the same in this life journey, posted on January 15, 2010 date will never happen again served until whenever, this shows that every day is new. Find out as much profit with the new day. do good deeds before the coming of death to become a man who loved God preserve the goodness of our hearts that do not include the hearts of dieshes