Accelerated Death

This theme looks a bit skewed, because death occurs only once, so say it means an early death accelerated death occurring from the actual death. But the author has its own purpose in breaking down the death in question. The opposite of death is life as it is to know the meaning of death we must first know what is meant by life itself.

Life or life is a positive or negative activity, good activity called hayatan tayyibah (good life) while an ugly activity called hayatan sayyiatan. Hence the meaning of life is the activity the person is alive but not physic activity, or activity does not give good impact to other people then, death is called with premature death.

Moreover, if the physic alive but in a disturbing activities and make misery for others then such activity is not called off again, away from any mention of such a match is a rotten carcass. Carcasses have the nature see it devastating for the people, or even do not see but smell the foul odor released by the carcasses.

Hence the saying: Be the Person Who is dead a life do not make your life are like the dead, Because the decay of the living That death is more troublesome reptiles Than the dead animal.

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