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The smug is an act that can be done easily by anyone, an arrogant person would get retribution by his arrogance.

The People who do arrogant on this earth in the Hereafter will be scaled down like ants walking to hell, he will be given a drink from the juice of the Fire sweat subhanallah…

On entering the afterlife of area, we all the guests of Allah, which applies people proud that God will not be greeted and will not see it actually will be a painful punishment as hath mentioned above, in the book Daqaiqul Akhbar never mentioned, that if his shirt residents Hell hung between heaven and earth, this earth would be destroyed forever ..

We can imagine then how, if we go in and inhabit it and given drinks and treats the material prepared from the Fire ...

Three groups are not considered guests of God and get a painful “adzab” it is:

The Parents who do adultery, do not know myself. What proud of its hm hm hm

The Lord of the lie, the current era of so many of our candidates promises, although the author may also pray promise is true and will be implemented later if he was elected, if no duh ... really sorry for them

The poor people are arrogant boasting again. This age a lot of poor people who (put on) arrogant, with a variety of way, say many of their top artists style more rows of other ways to style..

Okay don't forget to our breath
Let us note right or look at : Tanbihul Ghafilin

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