the three of human breath


"He Who created you from dust, after it was determined to die (death), and no longer a death that is determined (for you) which is on his side (which he himself knew), then you still have doubts (about the Hour ). "(Surat al-'An'am [6]: 2)

Duration of life in the world than the relatively short life before or after. Abu Dzar al Ghiffary, said: "the human breath is divided into three; breath yesterday, today and will come." Breath is what marks the person lives or not, the breath that is the capital to do anything. Good and bad deeds done by every breath must be neatly recorded by the recording angel of charity in charity sheets. If the sinner prilakunya it will be a sheet of sin, and vice versa.

The breath now belongs to someone as a capital devotion to God Almighty, while the breath is coming is still in a big question mark, to the point whether or not breath.

To be sure, there is no guarantee whether the opportunity is open tomorrow morning air, looking at the rising sun, or his eyes closed while breathing stops forever. Everything is tight in the grip of God (Surat Az-Zumar [39]: 67). Because the breath is a capital for charitable it really should be optimally used for charitable good, as the future of the next set, so as not to be charitable sheets wasted even more immoral (Al-Hashr [59]: 18)

But not necessarily people who were given more opportunity to breath better chance to get to heaven. Breathing could be more dominant to wrong faith. Is not the good deeds eventually be faced with evil deeds?. If there isi answer when asked the Prophet about best people, he replied: "those who live a long and good charity work, while poor people are those who live a long and ugly behavior (At-Tirmidzi: 2256) You should as a human must reflect the breath that has passed, devoted to the breath of breath now and plan to come, so that every inch of the action directed in accordance with the rules of God

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