Three Character of Man

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The humans belong an unique man of God, because they have the acting varies from one to another, much about human behavior is as much a head of human on this earth. Maybe if defined so much human activity is as much as its contents what head it. In the Koran this time we will write some human level according to Imam Ghazali, he divides people into three basic human typology; type mentioned is a basic human character in relation to the benefits and breakness (madharat).

First, human beings who have the character of the same as animal such as scorpions, poisonous snakes, lions and others. Humans in this type can’t bring benefit to others, even threaten its existence will bring him security and safety of others. Everyday experience we feel that if there exists a scorpion, although far from where we are then we will destroy close to our premises is quite rational reason is for safety.

Similarly, people in this category is very dangerous to himself. If there is someone who usually kill and steal or do damage, then his existence would be avoided by others as others avoid dangerous animals above.

Second, the human type animals die (jamadat) such as stone, wood and others. That is, human life can not bring benefits to themselves and not not able to resist the danger to himself, too. In this case, we often see people who can save people from immoral acts like a teacher, thinker, scientist etc., but they could not save him from the threat of punishment of God.

Third, people who type like a human class. That means people who can bring benefits to themselves and can also reject the danger that comes to him. The third type is to be owned by every Muslim. How do I make the people around us can survive the punishment of God. Because of our invitation to charity.

In addition we invite other people, but long before we had or first preaching we've done. This third type of sync with what is in utterenced by the Prophet, the best human beings are most useful to other human beings.

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