Greedy and Form a Mental Crisis

Pointed out that, our nation is a high potential to be caused by a corrupt state religious mentally fragile, easily people resident persuasion tempted by carnal lust, which appear with the trend of luxury, life style consumptive, wasteful and hedonist, that leads to life the intricate and narrow, by leaving a myriad of desires and dreams that never paid off. And God forbid to do so. (Surat al-Isra ': 27) mentions;

"Verily spendthrifts are brothers, and worship Satan was ungrateful to his Lord".

Human aspirations for a world with all the colors will never stop her heart beating forever. Although restrictions still vague sought, from the west end to east end no one is satisfied with the property which he achieved unless the people who have qana'ah nature. If you agree with that course will have the same conclusion me that all mankind would suffer if it does not stop his worldly delusion.

I'll let the picture detail. If anyone want to earn a hundred million a month is over a hundred million's more that one hundred and one million and above of course there's more. Continuously until the limit is exhausted and finally death menjeputnya. Proven at this point without knowing the age of 30 I had an error when I've never felt satisfied with the results of my work efforts, you might as well be. As if life was just yesterday.

Live with it is simple is the only solution. Here are not poor but are taught to make this life as a working area for harvest in the Hereafter nature. Relegius mental fragility that can hinder a person to do as supposed to be servants of Allah Almighty.

often we find people who live too much will lead to this thing is arrogant and pride themselves or heart of diseased

Now according to you if, all of which I write this in accordance with your opinion, please comment below. Your comment will be our cooller souls and the other bloggers.

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