Treasure is not everything

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During the medical people say someone is good health, spiritual happiness is the main priority in life. Not surprisingly, all vying to meet their needs to obtain the predicate 'happiness' is. There is the assumption that happiness rests to the property, to be greedy and others believe, that happiness lies in the crown status, popoularitas, and so although the assumption is not always wrong, but that presumption can be said is not true. I will reject the notion that the various assumptions let's look at what I would say [I'm sorry if the language is patronizing rather impressed he he he, but I'm not arrogant know, ciaaatt please read more].

Assumption that the only happiness that only comes from the property or "rizki" is not true, because many people who have wealth but in every step he did not look happy, you name it Cici Paramida or Manohara, they've certainly if in the property will not be disadvantaged who had a blog like this, but all will say the fate of two of them with the language because the current pleading in trouble.

Not true, if it was thought that the rank and a high degree is the main capital of happiness, remember that every worker has retired, it shows that the rank and degree we will end, before the term of office had expired according to the daily experience of people will think about what would done if the job ends. King fir'un have no positions that match he even claimed to be god, he was worried that teteapi lost his kingdom and kill every baby boy born.

Not true, if it is said that beauty or comeliness face is the main capital of happiness, with a beautiful face many things you can do as the prince charming or other officials in order to be valid and wife living facility more than others, it is not can represent to get the joy of beauty is not eternal, sooner or later it all vanished. See it if someone had stepped on the age of 70 between laughing and crying at bae. If it so if compelling, do not you? Means there are fears for handsome or beautiful people will come old age that killed all kemolekannya.

Hmmm .... It means to give us the conclusion, that all the happiness that is hung with the physical damage that could mean the relative happiness. The ultimate happiness is the happiness that can not be broken up at any time if it

Happiness is the ultimate happiness in the hereafter, because the happiness that there was never damaged and can not be damaged. Happiness does not depend on there by the physical, then this life that we must defend is the life hereafter by not forgetting the life of the world, as the word of God:

وابتغ فيما ءاتاك الله الدار الآخرة ولا تنس نصيبك من الدنيا وأحسن كما أحسن الله إليك ولا تبغ الفساد في الأرض إن الله لا يحب المفسدين.

And look at what God has given to you (happiness) in the Hereafter, and do not forget bahagianmu from (Keni `observations) worldly and do good (to others) as Allah has done good to you, and do not do mischief on the (face ) earth. Allah loves not those who do mischief. (al-Qasas: 77)

property is a means to worship, seek treasure as much as possible and help your neighbor in order to become a single human or unity of social class


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