The most hated man of God

Bit difficult to translate the title above, therefore apologize if not understandable. If you read the more I think would be able to understand it clearly.

God hates the three classes of the wicked, stiff and arrogant people. Of the three kinds of types that have different types that have common characteristics but in different conditions, meaning God is hated more for elderly people who continue to do wicked, the rich but miserly and arrogant poor people.

The wicked are those believers who sin, because he is prepared as one of the inhabitants of hell, but if there are parents and are still doing wicked deeds then it is natural that people become a humiliation in this life. It seems we have common understandable that humans naturally limited the age, getting older is getting closer to the point of death, if it got closer to the point of death and they still do the wicked will be selayaknyalah person who cursed and su'ul khatimah. Su'ul khatimah (the bad end of life) that he deliver to the people most hated by God.

The grabber is, so his love of property so that property does not he use unutk help others in need. However, rich people who are stingy, miserly stingy aka become more hated than people in general grabber. This is a natural, rich Naturally grateful for their wealth by giving some property he owned. No, because the nature of the treasure belongs to God, for the rich is not enough just thankful to be saying thank God, the demands of next is the implementation.

Third, God hates arrogant men, but God is more hated more to the poor who bragged. If the rich arrogant because he treasures the pride, but was amused by this thought, if there are poor people who do cocky. Thus the above three actions must be far removed before infecting themselves. In addition to these actions, individually brought sin, also unlucky in the social life. Bad effect action fasiq, arrogant and miserly nature will lead to the hated by others.
Excerpted from the book: tanbihul Ghafilin tt


  1. wah Qu ga pengen jadi manusia yang di benci ama tuhan

  2. Hmm...bener juga
    biar ga dibenci, jalan pintu masuk surga terbuka


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