A simple life

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"I wish every man was feeling quite simply with two inexpensive clothing and a dry crust of bread every day, then life would be lighter and lighter also responsibilities Sawt before God."
(Imam Ghazaliy: maraqil 'ubudiyah, nd)

Al-Ghazali's phrase above, the economic solution in life that are categorized as short when compared to life before or after we born. Simple lifestyle can certainly lead to excesses of peace and comfort in the heart, conditioning of the lack of any inherent qualities in a person, as a cooling feeling dizzy after looking for food that is done day and night. Given the man's task in life is simply to worship the Almighty in willing (Surat Al-Bayyinah [98]: 5).

In essence the cost of living in the world is cheap, the price for not defeat the urge to fulfill his ambition desire to meet the needs of temporary skunder that people feel hard and hard in his life path. Often we find people willing to sacrifice dignity for the sake of religion and life facility in this mortal nature. Call it a recently done by the candidates we are playing the money as the lure to get the sura. Is not that a bribe. The Prophet said: "those who bribe or accept bribes are equally cursed by God".

Naturally, if after they elected a vice we then blindly 'return of capital', because as voters treat them with the property as a barometer. Later he was elected if his mind is certainly in the capital return as fast or even dredge up as much as possible the results of the office they receive.

In the parliamentary seats and positions we can find expression wetlands and uplands, wetlands are lands that much work to make money from the rest of the project proposals, while the dry land which is the position rarely approached by the mega-project as a moneymaking machine.

Why do humans have to do so? Because of his worldly desires and passions no longer be contained to obtain worldly. Basic logic of life in this world impossible fairly short so costly in lives across. According to Abdullah ibn Umar history, illustrates the life of the Prophet in this world like a man who crossed the road (Narrated by Bukhari: 5937), the luggage would disrupt the stability of the smooth crossing to the desired place. therefore reduce demand and increase the duniawiy good deeds. If we get a lot of property to expand the charity use the worship of the Almighty.

For that we should make uswah what has been done by the Prophet in the Sunnah. Among his examples are demonstrated and very sticky in the minds of writers is to stop eating until full and not eat before hunger. How easy it is to live this life if we follow the example of his sunnah-sunnah. No more living stealing, corruption, collusion or other things that bring ill-gotten gains.

From now on, be transformed to a simple life. In order to step into light and life to move without any barriers.

for the readers please comment and add opinions for the sake of perfection made a very, very simple, still learning to understand ..

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