The Heart of diseased

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Heart like a field for planting. Tananaman contained within it is the result of human creation is the owner's heart. If planted with something better and soon will get and vice versa, if the plant with the ugliness of the Hereafter will receive ugliness too, a painful punishment from the Almighty.

The fertile fields would be an easy medium of plants grown. But make no mistake that the fields could be damaged even, if not nurtured or even a plant that can damage the field itself. As we hear of palm oil, weeds and other parasitic plants similar. The heart is the media to plant the faith and kindness and other good deeds is a fertilizer, so that the heart remained fertile and easily growed faith of the fertilizer needed good deeds, noble morality, charity, patience etc.

The question that arises is, what is the barometer used to diagnose illness?. One diagnosis can be wrong in applying the medicine, or wrong diagnoses implication to the slow recovery. Sick heart will revolt when good deeds are presented and tend to rejected, while the fertile heart will feel easy and light in activity goodness.

That way, each of us can diagnose the health of our own, try giving treats to our hearts with munajat night, night prayer, fasting, against lust when it easily could we do then that means our hearts are healthy and not sick, and vice versa if it feels heavy to do so be patient to treat because it was a sign that in the hearts of many diseases.

In short, as people then have to spend the time to worship God, we spend energy to find the treasure (dunyawiy) does not exceed the energy that we use to worship the gods. existing funds in our bank deposits must not be more than the funds used for charity and so on. What makes this heart disease, such as arrogant, vindictive, ujub, riya 'and the like is that impulse that led to lust sinner. To weaken the desire is useful to examine further as claimed by Shaykh al-Burdah Busyairi in his qashidah

Lust is like a baby
If you let the adults
favorite is feeding
If you are weaning it will discourage

If we want to kill the appetite, then the best way is forced to fight lust is to be a deterrent. Lust is like a baby, she became an adult and continue to breastfeed, but if a baby was in good sapih then he will not feed again.

Treat your heart with a variety of drugs that can weaken the appetite, kaena viral liver disease is bafsu, Force to do good to be invincible passion .. is hard but if you are used to assure that all will be done with ease.

do not be the man of smug in the life of this world because of pain will make our hearts become diseased

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