Umar bin Abd Aziz: The figure of Future Leaders

In addition to management, popularity, political or economic, the figure of a leader is also needed to promote a country or organization. Figure that the author was referring to the figure of behavior related to daily activities either seen or not seen by anyone else. Others see for example, how to talk, dress, behavior, and so forth. While the action is not seen as obvious is worship, dhikr, character concerns, sincerity, and so forth. Well .. bro about that.

With so many football stories exploits leader. One of which makes this writer was stunned to see her personality Umar bin Abdul Aziz. Umar bin Abdul Aziz was the caliph in ... .. in the time he was in the lift became caliph, he then immediately ordered his wife to sell jewelry and other items in the house, then he handed over to Baitul Mal (treasury), because then he could feel the suffering of his people. Is it possible if our leaders so?.

In the other story. One night there was someone who came to him, and Umar Bin Abdul Aziz said: "What business, whether personal or business affairs of state?",
then the guest is asked: "Why, O Caliph?".
Caliph replied: "If a private business, so I will not turn on the lights, let's talk in the dark, but if my business will nyalalakan State lights. Because the oil in the lamp is money the state ".

Subhanallah .. is there such a leader figure net, I do not think there .. there is only the echo dus das wrote that but the result is NOL, yes indeed it is 0 0 0. it is proved that the number of officials concerned at the crease because of the corruption involved.

Finally, let us say: 'Lord protect me from the greedy nature of the world, give directions for further career under the banner of the Book and the Sunnah of your Prophet, do not you make us as people who are lost. Amen yarabbal alamin ...please read to Ali bin Abi Thalib


  1. wah hebat...
    semoga saya juga bisa seperti itu dan ga jadi orang yang tamak

  2. cerita yang menarik...
    ini dia baru pemimpin yang mengerti keadaan disekitarnya

  3. informasi yang sangat bagus kawan

  4. sayang saya tidak paham bahasa inggris... ahh... bego banget sih gue ini...
    Nice post sob.

  5. great story..
    Umar bin Abd Aziz is one of the great person with great leadership.

    Link anda sudah saya pasang; silahkan dicek disini

  6. mantap neh,,,,sayang bahasa inggris

  7. Uar bi Abd Azis, sosok pemimpin yang patut diteladani oleh pemimpin bangsa ini. oia link dah di pasang sob, lam kenal n postingannya sangat bermanfaat. sukses slalu


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