Halal or Haram??

The main of life to halal food. halal food have implication for all the activities themselves will feel calm and bring inner atmosphere of a peaceful space. Halal is not merely in view of the course or property noun (dzat-nya) like pork, meat of dog and other similar unlawful food. But more than that is also sometimes considered unlawful by reason. Like stealing, corruption or other means bad way.

Therefore, in all activity should be considered goodness, not until you get the property with the unlawful way in terms of how to get it. The current era for illicit goods have been increasingly difficult especially for goods that would have permitted more difficult. This should not become a reason for whatever justification the justification that such was not abash. Maybe there is way wrong reasons used to justify?

1 comment:

  1. halo kang kembali lagi..
    yang halal kan banyak kok banyak orang nyari yang haram aja ya


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