Life after death

Until this moment there is no one who can answer fully the phenomenon of death, because no one can live again after the arrival of death. however, none of those who do not believe that there is a death, they all recognize that death is certainly a dn would happen to anyone.

The question now is whether there is life after death, he replied only in our faith each. but either the Qur'an or Hadith that explains a lot of new chapter in life after death.

As the Muslims would not be a protracted thinking about life after death. the best thing to do is believe wrote and seeking cost the life after death.

Good deeds are the primary capital to obtain the darkness of life after death .. with death make a valuable lesson ... I hope we all survive the torment of the grave .. alamin rabbal amen yes, congratulations to add comments below for this perfection please read heart of diseased

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